Common Bird Species of Northwestern Ontario





Aquila chrysaetos
Golden Eagle


Distinguishing Features - Predominantly dark-brown. Neck; tawny or golden brown. Tail, dark brown with a lighter base, decorated by ash-coloured bands. Legs, medium brown; feet, yellow. Female significantly larger than the male.

Golden Eagle Size -
Male: 76 - 89 cm (30.5 - 35.5 in)
Female: 89 - 104 cm (35.5 - 41.5 in)


In varied sites, preferring open country and valleys.


Mostly on cliffs, sometimes on tops of large trees. Nest is made of larger twigs and weeds, lined with moss, leaves, grass or other soft materials. Eggs, 2; buff or white, lightly spotted with brown. Incubation period 42 - 44 days.


The Golden Eagle is a master of the skies and an awesome sight as it soars high above its domain. This raptor feeds on small mammals, mostly rodents, and, on rare occasion has picked up a small dog or cat from a farmer's field.

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