Common Bird Species of Northwestern Ontario





Quiscalus quiscula
Common Grackle


Distinguishing Features - Completely black with highly iridescent greenish blue or purplish reflections. Beak and legs, black; eye, whitish; tail, long and wedge-shaped. The colouring of the female is somewhat duller.

Grackle Size - 28 - 34 cm (11.25 - 13.5 in).


Prefers open areas and lightly treed woods.


In trees usually in colonies. Bulky nest of sticks, grass and weeds, generally kept together with mud, lined with fine grass. Eggs, 4 - 6; pale bluish or greenish marked with bold splotches. Incubation period 11 - 14 days.


The Grackle is a social bird and is mostly seen in flocks. Their diet consists mainly of insects, worms, seeds, grains and fruits, and, if the opportunity arises, the eggs of other birds..

The song can be compared to a rusty gate hinge; it is short, squeaky and dischordant - usually a bold Chuck.

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