Common Fish Species of Northwestern Ontario





Salvelinus namaycush
Lake Trout

Lake Trout


Distinguishing Features - One of NW Ontario's largest freshwater fish, the lake trout usually has light colored spots on a darker background which blends from dark to a lighter shade on the belly. The tail is deeply forked.

Size - Average Weight - 1.5 kg - 2.5 kg (3 - 5 lb) but catches of over 5 kg (10 lb) are common. The Ontario record is 28.64 kg (63 lb).


Found in the shallows during spring and fall. In the Summer, they are found in cooler, deep water near the bottom. Spawning occurs late September to November on rocky shoals.


Found in Lake Superior and deep, cold inland lakes of NW Ontario; popular for its delicious meat. It's diet consists mainly of smaller fish.

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