Common Fish Species of Northwestern Ontario





Micropterus dolomieui
Small Mouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass


Distinguishing Features - A moderately deep-bodied fish; dark brown to olive green back, fading to creamy coloured belly. Sides display darker, vertical bars which are often faded in larger fish. Eye bright red or orange.

Size - Average Weight - 1 - 1.5 kg (2 - 3 lb). Ontario record is 4.5 kg (9.75 lb).


Widely found throughout NW Ontario in cooler, clear rivers with gravel bottoms, and shallow rocky areas of deep lakes; often around underwater structures such as boulders, tree trunks, dock pilings. Not tolerant of warm temperatures; will retreat to deeper water during warm periods. Spawning occurs in June.


A sought after fish by anglers for its superior fighting capabilities and stamina.

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