Common Fish Species of Northwestern Ontario





Catostomous commersonii
White Sucker

White Sucker


Distinguishing Features - Grey colouring, coppery brown through brown to black on back; creamy white on lower sides and below; fleshy, sucker-like mouth aimed downward.

Size - Average Weight - .5 - 1 kg (1 - 2 lb).


Throughout NW Ontario in shallow estuary waters and bays where they "vacuum up" worms, crustaceans and, some say, the eggs of other fish. After spring break-up, suckers move upstream into rivers and creeks to spawn on gravelly beds.


Though the meat is firm and good tasting, white sucker seldom appears on a restaurant menu -- possibly because the name lacks market appeal. As a result, white sucker is processed in a variety of ways for the market, often under the name "mullet." The meat is good smoked or can be prepared into soups and chowders.

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