Common Insect Species of Northwestern Ontario





Class Insecta (Hexapoda) Subclass Pterygota
- insects with wings, or insects whose ancestors had wings

Order Hemiptera
True bugs

Stink Bug This order consists of species that occupy both terrestrial (land, plant) and aquatic (lakes, ponds, streams) habitats. Hemiptera go through gradual metamorphosis (body changes) and the nymphs (immatures) closely resemble adults in appearance. "Hemiptera" means "half-wings", which refers to the front pair of wings called hemelytra that are normally held flat over the abdomen when at rest. These wings have a hard leathery base, and a membrane toward the tip. The second pair of wings are membranous and held beneath the first pair when at rest. Most Hemiptera have wings although there are a few wingless species such as bedbugs. Hemipterans are mainly plant sap feeders, and many of them are pests of cultivated crops. Some species feed on other insects and as such are beneficial to man. Other species living in warmer climates are blood feeders which attack humans and other animals. Many plant sucking Hemipterans are found in northwestern Ontario among which is the stink bug Thyanta species.

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