Common Insect Species of Northwestern Ontario





Class Insecta (Hexapoda) Subclass Pterygota
- insects with wings, or insects whose ancestors had wings

Order Homoptera

Leafhopper White Flies

Homoptera included common insects such as cicadas, leafhoppers, aphids, whiteflies and scale insects. They all have piercing, sucking mouth parts designed for feeding on plants. There are winged and wingless species; those that have wings normally hold them tent-like over the body.

Family Aphididae
Aphids or plantlice

The aphids make up a large group of small, (several mm) pale, soft-bodied insects that are often found in large numbers sucking the sap from stems or leaves of plants. Such aphid groups often include individuals in all stages of development. This family contains a number of serious pests of cultivated plants. During a life cycle, both winged and wingless forms are produced.

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