Bird Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Anas formosa
Baikal Teal


Baikal Teal Distinguishing Features - Male: the breeding plumage of the adult male is unmistakable and very ornamental. It is similar and closely related to the Green-winged Teal Anas crecca, although slightly larger. The top of the head is dark brown to black, with buff and green patches on the face surrounded by white and black. The breast is light brown, speckled with black; the sides are finely vermiculated bluish-gray. The scapulars are long and taper to a point, buff lined with black and chestnut. The bill is dark gray to black, legs and feet gray. Female: very similar to the Green-winged Teal hen, but larger and having a dark-bordered, white patch at the base of the bill.


Migratory, breeds in central and eastern Siberia, winters in China, Japan & Korea. Occasionally wanders to the Aleutian Islands and Alaska and has been reported as far south as California. Birds seen elsewhere in North America are more than likely escaped aviary birds. During the breeding season, seen on taiga marshes and lakes, forested streams and tundra rivers. Winters in a variety of freshwater and brackish areas.


Primarily grains and insects.


Vulnerable: once very common, now declining in large numbers throughout its range. The main cause of the decline is believed to be hunting on passage. In winter, as the birds gather in large, dense flocks, their predictable daily movements to feeding grounds render them susceptible to shooting or netting.

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