Bird Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Hirundo rustica
Barn Swallow


Barn Swallow Distinguishing Features - Length: 19.5 cm long; colouration: upperparts, dark steel-blue; forehead, throat and mid-breast, chestnut; balance of underparts, pale cinnamon; tail, deeply-forked. Female duller with shorter tail.


Breeds from north-central Alaska southwestward throughout Canada's boreal region; also below the tree line in Scandinavia and most of Eurasia southward; forages in open terrain, usually near water; marshes; builds mud nests in buildings, under bridges and overhanging cliffs.


Mostly flying insects caught on the wing.


Barn Swallows derive their name from their habit of often constructing nests in barns and other buildings, which are then lined with grass and feathers for nesting.

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