Bird Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Dendroica virens
Black-throated Green Warbler


Distinguishing Features - Length: 11 - 13.5 cm. Colouration: Male - upperparts yellowish olive green; back with or without black spots; sides of head and neck, yellow with dark streak across eye; two white bars on wings; two outermost tail feathers mainly white; underside, whitish often tinged with yellow.
Female - similar to male but with black throat and breast feathers tipped in white.


Black-throated Green Warbler Breeds from north-central Alberta east throughout Canada's boreal region to Newfoundland, and south from Minnesota to Alabama and northern Georgia; nests in open coniferous and mixed woodlands; edges and second growths.


Mostly insects; some seeds; occasionally fruit.


The song of the Black-throated Green Warbler is pleasant and fits well into the mood and scents of woodlands on warm sunny days.

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