Bird Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Certhia familiaris
Brown Creeper


Distinguishing Features - The only North American Treecreeper. Length 14 cm; colouration: upperparts, dark brown streaked with greyish-white, more tawny on rump; wings, mainly dark brown with a pale buff patch across middle; side of head, brown with a white line over top of eye; underparts, white; flanks and under tail, buff-coloured; tail, long; bill sharp-pointed, slim, curved downward.

Brown Creeper Habitat

Widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere in both North America and Eurasia; in North America, from southeastern Alaska, east across the southern boreal region to the Maratimes, and throught the U.S. Mid-West to New England; primarily mature deciduous and coniferous woodlands; sometimes rural residential areas.


Primarily insects; also seeds and berries.


The Brown-Creeper's call is a high-pitched seet seet seet.

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