Bird Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Nucifraga ccolumbiana
Clark's Nutcracker


Distinguishing Features - Stout greyish bird, 30.5 - 33 cm long; colouration: head, neck and body, smoky grey; whitish forehead, throat and around eye; wings, black; secondaries tipped in white; tail, mostly white, with black central feathers; bill and feet, black. Both sexes alike.

Clark's Nutcracker Habitat

breeds from north central British Columbia and Alberta, south to north- and southwest United States; in edges of open coniferous forests, clearings, burntlands.


Clarck's Nutcracker feeds primarily on conifer seeds.


Nutcrackers are typically a noisy bird with hars calls - char-r-r repeated a number of times.

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