Bird Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Perdix perdix
Gray Partridge


Distinguishing Features - Colouration: face and throat, rusty-orange; breast, finely vermiculated gray with a dark-chestnut horseshoe marking on the upper abdomen; belly, white and to light buff; upper back, vermiculated brown, gray and white; wings, mottled with dark brown; tail, chestnut. Female: The hen is similar to the male. The horeshoe marking on the breast maybe absent, smaller or lighter than in the male.

Gray Partridge Habitat

Throughout Europe into Russia and western Siberia. Introduced throughout the world and well established in the United States and parts of Canada. Prefers open areas, farmlands and brush.


Almost exclusively seeds; lesser quantities of insects.


Also known as Gray Partridge, English Partridge, Bohemian Partridge and European Partridge.

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