Bird Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Passer domesticus
House Sparrow


Distinguishing Features - Stout, stocky sparrow, 14.5 - 17 cm long; colouration: brown backed with black streaks; underside, pale buff; males have white cheeks and a black bib, while females do not; tail is three-quarters the length of the wing. Both sexes alike.


House Sparrow Palearctic, Nearctic; the House Sparrow is distributed worldwide (excluding the Poles); its introduction into North America occured in 1851, when a group of 100 birds from England was released in New York. House Sparrows like areas that have been modified by humans, including farms, residential, and urban areas; absent from uninhabited woodlands, deserts, forests, and grasslands.


Various kinds of seed; some insects.


House Sparrows are often considered a nuisance and an agricultural pest. Large flocks around buildings produce annoying noise and large quantities of droppings.

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