Bird Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Charadrius vociferus


Distinguishing Features - Length: 27 cm; colouration: brown above and white below, with two dark breast bands; the Killdeer also has a white patch on its bill, and a white stripe above its eye.


Killdeer Common across Canada's boreal regions down into the United States; associated with human landscapes; frequents large fields, including airports, playing fields, pastures, and lawns.


Primarily small insects; some small invertebrates; also seeds.


When flushed from the nest, the adults do a "broken-wing display." This distraction display commonly involves dragging one or both wings or the tail on the ground while making calls and fluttering as the bird moves away from the nest. Once sufficiently far from the nest, the adult will then fly or run away. The species name is Latin vociferus or shouting noisily), which refers to its loud call.

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