Bird Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Tadorna tadorna
Red-billed Shelduck


Red-billed Shelduck Distinguishing Features - Drakes of this species have a characteristic knob at the base of their bright red bills. They are also much larger than hens. Overall coloration is about the same in both sexes, with the male is somewhat brighter. Immatures resemble adults, but are paler and have a white ring around the eye.


This species has a broad range in the wild. The breeding range extends from the British Isles and France westward into central Asia and China. They winter from Spain and the Mediterranean west to southern China and Japan. Prefered habitats tend to be brackish waters, but are also seen on inland lakes and rivers. They are still very common in the wild, and have been popular aviary subjects for many years.


Primarily insects and mealworms.


Also known as the European Shelduck or Common Shelduck.

These Shelducks are well-mannered and coexist with other species with no problems.

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