Herbs and Other Plant Species of the World's Boreal Forests

World Boreal Trees

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Gentiana algida
Arctic Gentian
Gentianaceae (Gentian Family)

Gentians are leafy herbs, commonly with showy, bell- or trumpet-shaped flowers.


Arctic Gentian Distinguishing Features - Leaves: simple, opposite, linear, clasping. Flowers: white or pale yellow, sometimes purple-streaked, vase-shaped, 5-lobed, with pleats in notches; all these parts attached at base of ovary. Fruit: a capsule.


Gentians are widely distributed, from the tropics to the tundras near the Arctic Circle, but are most abundant in the northern hemisphere. The Arctic Gentia occurs in alpine meadows of the Rockies and other high mountain ranges; in bogs and wet meadows.


Gentians are often cultivated as ornamentals for their beautiful flowers.

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