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Kochia scoparia
Burning Bush
Chenopodiaceae (Goosefoot Family)

A much branched, erect forb growing to a height of 0.3 - 2 m.


Burning Bush Distinguishing Features - Leaves: mostly alternate, simple, toothed or lobed, often with a grayish mealy surface. Flowers: inconspicuous, greenish; essentially radially symmetrical; bisexual or unisexual; 2 to 5 sepals, sometimes only one or even none; petals absent; 1 to 5 stamens; all these parts attached at base of ovary. Fruit: tiny, single-seeded.


Native of Eurasia; introduced in the Great Plains and the western states; also found in New England and the Midwest; in Canada the species occurs in the Prairie Provinces and Quebec; mainly in grassland, mixed-grass prairie, shortgrass prairie and desert shrub communities of western North America; also common in floodplain and riparian habitats.


The stalkless narrow leaves with entire margins turn a dramatic purple or bright red in autumn, hence the name "Burning Bush".

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