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Sanguisorba canadensis
Canadian Burnet
Rosaceae (Rose Family)

A large, herbaceous perennial meadow plant, growing to a height of 30 - 150 cm.

Canadian Burnet Description

Distinguishing Features - Leaves: pinnately compound, with 7 to 15 stalked, oblong, toothed leaflets, each 2.5 - 7.5 cm long. Flowers: small, white, 6 mm wide, in spikes >15 cm long; 4 sepals, petal-like; petals absent; 4 long stamens; single pistil. Fruit: single-seeded, dry.


Native to North America; Labrador south to Newfoundland, New England and southward; northwest to Illinois and Michigan; in swamps, wet meadows and bogs.


The Canadian Burnet is known in some areas as Caribou Feed, Indian Tobacco or Marsh Lily.

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