Shrub Species of the World's Boreal Forests

World Boreal Trees

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Symphoricarpos albus
Common Snowberry
Caprifoliaceac (Honeysuckle Family)

Common Snowberry A hollow-stemmed shrub growing to a height of 30 - 120 cm.


Distinguishing Features - Leaves: 2.5 - 5 cm long; opposite, oval; colouration: dull grayish-green. Flowers: 6 mm long; pinkish-white, bell-shaped; corolla 5-lobed. Fruit: a white, berry-like drupe with a waxy coating, 1.3 cm wide; persists into early winter; flowering: May to July.


Ranges from Quebec south to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and West Virginia; west to Minnesota, as far as Colorado; on rocky banks and along roadsides.

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