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Plantago lanceolata
English Plantain
Plantaginaceae (Plantain Family)

A tall, slender weed on a leafless stalk, growing to a height of 15 - 60 cm.

English Plantain Description

Distinguishing Features - Leaves: at the base of the stalk; dark green, 5-40 cm long; 3-ribbed, lanceolate; veins parallel. Flowers: head short, bushy; spike 2 - 7.5 cm long; each crowded flower with 4 parchment-like petals 3 mm long; 4 stamens on hair-like stalks and ending in large, cream-colored anthers; bracts present under flowers.


Native Europe; common throughout parts of North America; meadows, roadsides, pastures, waste places and lawns.


The English Plantain, is a troublesome weed; it often invades lawns and gardens. The seeds are eaten by songbirds.

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