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Tamarix chinensis
Five-stamen Tamarisk
(Tamarisk Family)

A shrub or small tree with a narrow, rounded crown, growing to a height of 5 m and a diameter of 10 cm.

Five-stamen Tamarisk Description

Distinguishing Features - Leaves: 1.5 mm long; scalelike, crowded, narrow and pointed; colouration: dull bluish-green. Bark: reddy-brown, smooth, becoming grooved. Branchlets: green, becoming purplish; long, slender, hairless; shedding with leaves. Flowers: <3 mm long, with 5 pinkish petals; numerous, crowded together in narrow clusters 2 - 5 cm long at ends of twigs; appearing late spring to early summer. Fruit: 3 mm long; narrow, pointed, reddy-brown capsules; splitting into 3 to 5 parts; many tiny, hairy seeds; maturing in summer.


Native to Asia and Europe; introduced to North America as an ornamental in many localities; in wet, open areas along stream banks, ditches, and ponds.


Although there are visual similarities, the Tamarix is related neither to cedars, junipers or tamaracks. As well, it is not an evergreen.

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