Shrub Species of the World's Boreal Forests

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Vaccinium macrocarpon
Large Cranberry
Ericaceae (Heath Family)

An evergreen, trailing shrub with branches growing to a height of 20 cm.


Large Cranberry Distinguishing Features - Leaves: 5 - 16 mm long; alternate, oval, blunt, shiny above but slightly whitish underneath. Flowers: 1.3 cm long, pinkish-white; stamens 8 to 10, with anthers united into a long, pointed cone projecting upward; flowering: June to August. Fruit: a dark red, globose berry.


Newfoundland to Nova Scotia; south to North Carolina; west to Minnesota and Great Lakes region; in bogs, swamps and along lake shores.


The cranberry we know has been cultivated from this wild species. Wild cranberries usually form dense masses over boggy areas, where they can be harvested in autumn.

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