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Scirpus cyperinus - Marsh Bulrush
Marsh Bulrush
Cyperaceae (Sedge Family)

A tall wetland plant, growing to a height of 90 - 150 cm.


Marsh Bulrush Distinguishing Features - Leaves: rough-margined, >60 cm long and 1.3 cm wide. Flowers: spikelets >6mm long, ovoid to cylindric, with ovate to lanceolate reddish to brownish scales, 6 protruding bristles (sepals and petals); 3 stamens; 3-clefted style; green bracts under inflorescence unequal, drooping at the tips. Fruit: woolly.


Native; Newfoundland and Nova Scotia; south to New England, west to Texas, north to Minnesota; in swamps, wet meadows.


The Marsh Bulrush is one of several important species of wetland plants that provide food and cover for waterfowl and other wildlife. They are primarily an eastern species.

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