Herbs and Other Plant Species of the World's Boreal Forests

World Boreal Trees

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Podophyllum peltatum
"American Mandrake"

Berberidaceae (Barberry Family)

A small herb with a long, perennial, creeping rhizome, growing to a height of 30 - 45 cm.


May-apple Distinguishing Features - Leaves: two, large, deeply lobed; >30 cm wide; deeply palmately lobed with notched tips. Flowers: apple-blossom-like, creamy white; solitary, nodding, attached to "crotch" between the leaves; 5 cm wide with 6-9 waxy white petals; blooming April and June. Fruit: large, oval, lemon-yellow, fleshy, lemon-like berry.


Native of North America; Ontario and Quebec; south to Florida; west to Texas; north to Minnesota; wet meadows and damp, open woods.


The edible ripe fruits can be used in jellies. The roots were used as a cathartic by North American Indians.

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