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Huperzia selago
Mountain Clubmoss

A small, clump forming, evergreen, clubmoss, growing to a height of 10 cm.


Mountain Clubmoss Distinguishing Features - Branches: few; leaves 3 mm long, narrow, and dull yellow green. Cones: not present; spore cases nestled in base of leaves. Vertical stems: upswept, close to equal length. Horizontal stem: imperceptible; below ground. Reproduction: clonal, primarily by sprouting from rhizomes; also produces spores and a subterranean, mycorrhizal gametophyte.


Circumboreal; Greenland to Alaska, south throughout Canada to mid-United States; also northern Europe; in mossy tundra; cool, damp, shaded ledges, hillsides; rarely in woods or swamps.


The first photographic cameras used Lycopodium spores as flash powders.

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