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Myrica pensylvanica
Northern Bayberry
Myricaceae (Wax-myrtle Family)

Northern Bayberry Description

Distinguishing Features - Leaves: leathery, simple, alternate, oblanceolate, toothed; colouration: orange to yellow resinous dots, mostly without stipules. Flowers: tiny, greenish or yellowish, male and female generally on the same plant or on separate plants in short lateral clusters, regular, without calyx or corolla, each above a scale - male flower usually with 4 to 8 stamens, sometimes united, female with 1 pistil. Fruit: small, single-seeded, rounded whitish drupe with waxy coating.


The Northern Bayberry is a member of the Myricaceae family of small trees and shrubs which occurs nearly worldwide. Five native tree species and three shrub species are found in North America.

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