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Kalmia angustifolia
Sheep Laurel
Ericaceae (Heath Family)


Sheep Laurel Distinguishing Features - Leaves: mostly alternate, simple, elliptical; without stipules. Flowers: showy, bisexual, regular or slightly irregular, with 4- to 7-lobed calyx, usually persisting on fruit; corolla of 4 to 7 lobes or petals, often bell- or funnel-shaped, 8 to 10 stamens from a disk, and a single pistil with superior or inferior ovary of usually five cells and many ovules and a single style. Fruit: a capsule, berry, or drupe.


Widespread throughout North America's boreal forest region; in bogs and lakeshores; preferring acidic soil conditions.


Sheep Laurel is a member of the heath family, which consists of approximately 1500 species of shrubs and trees.

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