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Malus baccata
Siberian Crab Apple
Rosaceae (Rose Family)

Crab Apples - general

Siberian Crab Apple Features - "Crab Apple" is the common name for species of wild and cultivated fruit trees of the Rose family. The bright red to yellow, small, acidic fruit of several species is used in cooking, jellies in particular. Several species are cultivated as ornamentals for their showy blossoms. Crab apple trees vary in height from about 0.9 m to more than 11.2 m. Some species include: the American crab, Malus coronaria; the Siberian crab, Malus baccata (pictured here) and the Prairie crab, Malus ioensis; these all have pinkish blossoms fading to white. Medium-size trees include: the Japanese flowering crab, Malus floribunda, and the Showy crab, Malus spectabilis, which bear large red to pink blossoms. Smaller species include: the Siebold crab, Malus sieboldi, with bluish-pink blossoms.

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