Herbs and Other Plant Species of the World's Boreal Forests

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Phleum pratense
Poaceae (Grass Family)

A narrow, compact, cylindrical cluster of several hundred small, single-flowered spikelets atop an erect, unbranched stem growing to a height of 45 - 90 cm.

Timothy Description

Distinguishing Features - Leaves: 10 - 25 cm long; tapering to a point. Flowers: tiny, without sepals and petals; 3 stamens, 2 style; enclosed by bristle-tipped scales >2 mm long. Scales: grouped into spikelets; in a cluster up >17.5 long.


Native to Europe; introduced and widely cultivated as a hay and pasture grass in North America; as a wild plant, in fields, roadsides, clearings; particularly in cooler areas.


Alpine, or mountain, timothy Phleum alpinum is about half as tall, with short, thick panicles. It occurs in wet places from Greenland to Alaska, and at high altitudes in many other parts of North America and Europe.

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