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Erythronium americanum
Trout Lily
Liliaceae (Lily Family)

A low, cushion-like plant, growing to a height of 10 cm.


Trout Lily Distinguishing Features - Leaves: brownish-mottled, 5 - 20 cm long, elliptic. Flowers: bright yellow, 2.5 cm wide, nodding; petals 3 and petal-like sepals 3, all curved backwards; stamens 6, with brownish or yellow anthers. Fruit: ovoid capsule.


Native to Ontario, east to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia; south through New England and Georgia; west to Oklahoma, north to Minnesota; prefers rich soil conditions in woods and meadows.


The name "Trout Lily" refers to the similarity between the leaf markings and those of the speckled trout.

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