Herbs and Other Plant Species of the World's Boreal Forests

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Scirpus acutus
Hardstem Bulrush - "Tule"
Cyperaceae (Sedge Family)

Sedges are wetland herbs, often grass-like, commonly with 3-sided stems.


Hardstem Bulrush Distinguishing Features - Leaves: long, narrow, with sheaths at base enclosing the stem; in some instances, the leaf blade is absent. Flowers: bisexual or unisexual, radially symmetrical, nestled in the axil of a bract, in small compact spikes arranged in dense or openly branched clusters; sepals and petals are bristles or scales, or completely absent; 3 to 6 stamens; floral parts attached at the base of ovary. Fruit: seed-like, three-sided.


Native; from Newfoundland and the Maratimes west to southern British Columbia; south to North Carolina, Texas, and California; wetlands, lakes and ponds.


Hardstem Bulrush helps to buffer wind and wave action, which promotes the establishment of other vegetation along shorelines. In some places Hardstem Bulrush rhizomes are transplanted for erosion control.

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