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Lobelia dortmanna
Water Lobelia
Campanulaceae (Lobelia Family)

A hardy lakeshore perennial growing in shallow water.


Water Lobelia Distinguishing Features - Leaves: simple, alternate, linear, fleshy, hollow; 2.5 - 7.5 cm long, with blunt tip; in dense rosettes at base of the plant; short stiff leaves lack stomata and are covered by a thick cuticle. Flower: pale blue to white, perfect, irregular; in a few flowered raceme; 5 sepals 2mm long; 5 petals, fused into a double lobe upper lip and 3-lobe lower lip; 5 stamens, joined to form a tube around the style; ovary superior. Fruit: a multi-seeded capsule.


Newfoundland, through Quebec and Ontario to Minnesota, south to New Jersey; also the Pacific coast; frequent in northern Europe; in shallow waters of acidic lakes and ponds; grows in sandy sediments of nutrient-poor lakes.


The Water Lobella is distinguished from similar plants by a rosette of thick, linear, hollow leaves and tubular white flowers blooming above the water surface.

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