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Sorbus scopulina
Western Mountain Ash
Rosaceae (Rose Family)

A shrub or a small tree, growing to a height of 6 m and a diameter of 10 cm.


Western Mountain Ash Distinguishing Features - Leaves: pinnate, compound; 10 - 23 cm long with 11 to 15 stalkless leaflets 3 - 6 cm long; lance-shaped, pointed tips, saw-toothed, rounded base; essentially hairless; colouration: dark green above, somewhat paler underneath. Bark: gray to reddish, smooth. Branchlets: light brown, slender. Flowers: 10 mm wide; with 5 white rounded fragrant petals, mostly in upright, rounded clusters; appearing early summer. Fruit: <10 mm wide; tiny, apple-like, shiny red with several seeds; in clustesr; maturing during summer and persisting into winter.


Native to Alaska, east to Mackenzie River and south through British Columbia to California New Mexico; in moist soil conditions, clearings and coniferous forests.


The Western Mountain Ash appears as a small tree in southeastern Alaska. Its fruit provides food for birds and mammals.

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