Mammal Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Clethrionomys glareolus
Bank Vole


Distinguishing Features - Head/body length: 80 - 130 mm; tail 35 - 72 mm. Weight: 14 - 40 g. Back, brown; sides, gray; underside, whitish. The Bank vole is a cousin of the Water vole but only half the size.

Bank Vole Habitat

Widespread throughout, Scandinavia and western Russia; found in shrubland, such as hedgerows, amidst bramble patches in woodland, cutover forests


Feed on leaves, fruit or berries, also insects; in winter, they gnaw off the bark of trees and eat the living wood underneath; often tunnel under the snow to eat leaves and roots.


The bank vole is a pest and causes the same kind of damage as mice to crops and farm buildings. The species is also known as a spreader of the dreaded hantavirus.

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