Mammal Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Bos Bison


Distinguishing Features - Average lenght: Male 3.4 m, Female 2.12 m. Weight: Male 400 - 800 kg., Female 320 - 440 kg. Overall colouration: coppery brown. Head, large, bearded, dark brown to black. Matted, woolly undercoat. Head and shoulders seem disproportionate to slim hindquarters. Horns, short, black on sides of head.

Bison Habitat

The bison once roamed freely throughout western North America in large numbers. With expansion to the west it was hunted to the verge of extinction. Conservation programs today have helped the bison's comeback. However, it's range has been severely reduced to selected habitats, usually game preserves. It prefers open plains, grasslands, meadows, valleys and open forests.


Grazes on grasses, sedges and herbs.


The bison is the largest is the largest land mammal of North America. They are herd animals and will sometimes defend calves against intruders as a group, but will usually stampede away in the face of danger.

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