Mammal Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Oreamnos americanus
Mountain Goat


Distinguishing Features - Length: Male 1.8 m, Female 1.4. Weight: Male 57 - 100 kg. Female 40 - 85 kg. Colour: creamy white, sometimes with a brownish dorsal line or yellowish wash. Black lips, nostrils, hooves and horns. Horns: short, with annulated bases and shiny tips bent slightly backward.

Mountain Goat Habitat

Found only on the steep slopes of North America's Rocky Mountain Range where it meets the boreal forest.


High mountain vegetation; primarily grasses, mosses, lichens, herbs and tender parts of woody plants.


The most agile of all mountain mammals, the mountain goat moves confidently on rocky ledges where they are safe from predators. Only when they wander away to graze in mountain meadows they become vulnerable to grizzlies, wolves or coyotes. Large eagles prey on the calves.

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