Mammal Species of the World's Boreal Forests


Callorhinus ursinus
Northern Fur Seal


Distinguishing Features - Northern Fur Seal Length: male 1.9 2.2 m, female 1.1 1.4 m; weight: male 150 270 kg, female 38 54 kg. Overall colouration: male is blackish above, with heavy grayish shoulders, reddish below; female is gray above, reddish below. Small head, short, pointed nose, large eyes, and long whiskers; bull has greatly enlarged neck. Male significantly larger than female.


During summer, along Alaska coast, on Arctic and Bering Sea to Siberia; in winter, migrates south to California; out to sea most of year; breeds on rocky beaches.


Squid and fish; sometimes birds.


The Northern Fur Seal is the leading traveler of seals, often migrating up to 10,000 km, and returning to land only to breed.

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