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Larix gmelinii
Dahurian Larch
Pinaceae (Pine Family)

Dahurian Larch A deciduous conifer, quite variable. It can form a broad, cone-shaped crown or it can be irregular to almost shrubby; growing to an average height of 18 m.


Distinguishing Features - Needles: deciduous, bright green above with two white bands on the lower surface. Bark: dark, reddish-brown.


Native to Russia; occurs in eastern Siberia, Sakhalin, the inner valley of Kamchatka, northeastern Mongolia; northeastern China and Korea; in a variety of site and soil conditions, but prefers moist soil and exposure to full sun.


Larches are unusual in that they are conifers that lose their leaves in the fall. Before the leaves drop they turn a spectacular yellow. Larches are often the last tree to color in the fall.

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