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Pinus ponderosa
Ponderosa Pine
Pinaceae (Pine Family)

A large tree with broad, open, conical crown of spreading branches, growing to a height of 18 - 39 m and a diameter of 0.8 - 1.2 m; occasionally larger.

Ponderosa Pine Description

Distinguishing Features - Needles: evergreen; usually 2 or 3 in bundle; generally 10 - 20 cm long; stout, stiff, dark green. Bark: blackish, rough, and furrowed into ridges; Cones: 5 -15 cm long; conical or egg-shaped, almost stalkless, light reddish-brown; opening and shedding at maturity, leaving a few cone-scales on twig; cone-scales raised and keeled, ending in short, sharp prickle; small, long-winged seeds.


Widely distributed; British Columbia east to North Dakota, south to Texas, and west to California; also nortern Mexico; prefers mountainous terrain in pure stands, forming extensive forests; also in mixed coniferous forests.


This valuable timber tree is the most commercially important western pine. Its lumber is especially suited for window frames and panel doors.

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