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Ulmus Glabra
Wych Elm
Ulmaceae (Elm Family)

A large deciduous tree, round headed with pendulous branches, growing to a height of 40 m.

Wych Elm Description

Distinguishing Features - Leaves: alternate, simple, oblong-ovate to elliptic, 7.5 - 18 cm long, larger than American Elm, very unequal at base, dark green above with a fine sandpaper surface.


Native throughout Europe and western Asia; introduced to urban centers in eastern North America as an ornamental; in natural environments, it prefers non-calcerous soil.


The Wych Elm is a long-living species; it can live up to 500 years. The wood does not decay when immersed in water and has been used to be used to make chests, water pipes and troughs and for sea defenses. It has also been used to make cribs and mangers, hubs of wheels, coffins and furniture.

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